Licensed PRH Educators who are members of PRH-International and of Formation PRH (Canadian division).

PRH Educators are specialized in the PRH approach to personal growth and development.

PRH considers the training of its Educators as particularly important, not only during the initial stage of their training, but also throughout their professional lives. As a result, PRH has two specific requirements for its Educators:

  • that they be permanently involved in their personal growth and professional development
  • that they participate in PRH research

This training is assured within the framework of PRH itself. Being a school, PRH provides all the means necessary for Educators to become steeped in the growth program they offer their clients.

PRH Educators belong to PRH-International as well as to their national organizations. From these supportive structures, members receive updated research applications, on-going training, the possibility of broadening the range of services they offer and their professional licenses.