What is PRH Education?

PRH Education is a psychol-pedagogy for the growth of persons, couples and groups. This psycho-pedagogy, which prioritizes self-discovery, is presented in the form of workshops, personal accompaniment (counselling), follow-up groups and a personal methodical growth program.

PRH has developed, through more than 30 years of applied research, an Explanatory System of the human person in the process of growth. In the course of its history, PRH has become an international school of education which gives priority to the emergence of the being.

The dynamic character of the PRH Explanatory System and of its educational programs make it possible to:

–  discover fundamental aspects of one’s personality and ways of functioning

–  become aware of one’s potentialities, especially the most essentil ones

–  analyze one’s interior lived experience

–  make decisions with greater inner freedom

–  improve one’s interpersonal relationships

–  find meaning and fulfillment in one’s life

PRH-International pursues its research an assures the on-going training of its Educators throughout the world.

Conditions for Participation Admissions: PRH education is open to all adult persons regardless of culture, level of education, economic status, religion or ideoloty. However, in certain cases, where a person is under psychiatric care, the psychiatrist would be consulted. Completing the basic education normally takes several years, as time is required for personal integration. Whenever persons choose to do this in a more intensive way, it is recommended that they do so in the context of a sabbatical leave. Attendance at Workshops: It is to be understood that in order to derive the greatest benefits, persons are required to attend the complete workshop. Evaluations: Each participant assesses his/her progress at the end of each workshop. For persons who are interested, PRH also offers a Personal Method