Training Program for Accompanist in the PRH Helping Relationship –FRA–

This two year program is for persons who wish to become trained in the PRH Helping Relationship method (Counselling).
The program enables persons to progress simultaneously on seven axes:

  • The role of the accompanist
  • The PRH explanatory system
  • A method of managing one’s growth
  • The PRH method of decision making
  • The PRH tool and its resources
  • How to conduct an interview in Helping Relationship
  • Practice under supervision

Once they have met the requirements of the program, participants are competent to accompany persons in the first phase of their personal growth journey in which persons:

  • Learn to analyze their problems or difficulties
  • Free up the dynamism of their being
  • Take their life in hand and bring inner order into it
  • Apprentice making decisions in faithfulness to who they are
  • Begin to make connections between their inappropriate reactions and the underlying causes