Self Knowledge
Who Am I
Listening to the Messages from My Body
Exploring My Inner World
Understanding Myself In-Depth
Leading My Life
Accelerating My Growth
What is Most Essential in My Life
Making Good Decisions
Clarifying My Relationships
Exploring My Present Relationships
Loving and Being Loved
Exploring the Transcendent Dimension of My Life
Freeing Life in Me
Exploring My Childhood Past
Relating to My Body
My Quality of Life and My Body (Part1)
My Quality of Life and My Body (Part 2)
What is the Meaning of My Life
Overcoming Obstacles to My Growth
Being Fully Authentic
Committing Myself to Inner Healing
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Overcoming Obstacles to My Growth

Progress in growth, healing to foster inner harmony

This workshop enables participants to take stock of what is going well and what is not going well in the present stage of their growth journey. It helps them identify the obstacles they are encountering and seek means to advance and overcome them.

Prerequisites: This workshop is for persons who are already committed and/or who have sufficient experience with the PRH approach. This is why they are asked to have taken the following workshops: Who Am I?, Exploring my Inner World, Accelerating My Growth, Loving and Being Loved or Exploring My Childhood Past.

Another prerequisite is that persons be involved in a PRH helping relationship for their growth.

Length: Regular (30 hours)

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Being Fully Authentic

Progress in living the truth of one’s being

This workshop offers an opportunity for participants to progress in reclaiming all their potential and living the truth of their being. They will assess the degree of authenticity they live and find out how they can progress. “To be oneself, only oneself, all of oneself” (André Rochais) says well the essence of this workshop.

Prerequisites: Who Am I? and Exploring My Inner World.

Length: Regular (30 hours)

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Committing Myself to Inner Healing

This workshop has participants explore the phenomenon of wounds of the past and, in particular, wounds of non-existence and their manifestations today. It also introduces them to a methodical apprenticeship of the Mini-Tools on healing.

Prerequisites: This workshop is for perons who are involved in the Self-directed Methodical Growth Program and for those who are committed to a healing journey.

Length: Regular (30 hours)

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