Entry Level Workshops:

Who Am I? –Becoming more aware of the solid core of your personality
My Body and My Personal Growth – The body’s role in personal wholeness
Freeing Life in Me – Self-knowledge through the means of creative expression
Helping My Children Become Themselves – Discover what fosters the development of a child’s unique personality and your potential as a parent
Finding Fulfillment in My Work – Keys for being effective in the workplace

Advanced Level Workshops (Some of these workshops will have prerequisites):

Living More Harmoniously – Adjusting ways of functioning so as to lead your life well
Loving and Being loved – Discover how to grow in giving and receiving love
Accelerating My Growth – The condition for personal development
Clarifying My Relationships – Observe various types of relationships and learn how to live them well
Freeing Myself From What Destabilizes Me in My Relationship – Manage the transference and counter-transference phenomena more effectively
Being Fully Authentic – Progress in living the truth of one’s being and in assertiveness
Committing Myself to Inner Healing – Methodically exploring your past experience
Exploring the Transcendent Dimension of My Life – Personality and the experience of transcendence
Exploring My Inner World – Develop skills in PRH self-analysis
Making Good Decisions – A method for improving personal discernment