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This 12 hr. workshop helps parents understand their own rapport to authority, and from there it becomes easier to assess when and how to use constructive authority which is necessary in order to help children feel safe and secure . . .

By assessing their strengths and the areas that need strengthening parents will feel satisfied in their new found awareness of ways of helping their children live in a world that is coherent and good.

Hand outs in the form of “Commentaries” enable parents to understand better where true authority stems from and how to live it well

This unique workshop enables you as a parent :

  • to assess your degree of co-responsibility in sharing the task of guiding your children;
  • to learn all they need in order to grow and become fully functional adults. . .

By assessing each other’s strengths and areas that need strengthening, you will

  • be able to build on your new found awareness in constructive ways and,
  • enable your children to live in a world that is coherent and parents are their best role models
This one weekend workshop will help you sort out how you deal with your problems and sufferings…it will also help you understand how best to deal with these so that you are free to spend your energy moving forward in your life.
By becoming aware of attitudes and means to face your inner struggle you will become empowered to make choices that promote your well being.
In this workshop the key points of couple communication are explored and practiced. Each couple prepares for their sharing in a group setting, however each couple shares their experience in private using a guided method
By experiencing the method first hand, couples are enabled to live more authenticity and to understand the conditions required for in-depth communication and harmony.

Communication is the only tool couples have to create intimacy!

The objective of this workshop is to enable participants to discover from where in them self-esteem needs to originate…
. . . to understand what alters their self-esteem or that which cancels it altogether in order to embark on a journey that is conducive to accepting reality and to entering and remaining in a place where the true value of each person dwells.
In this workshop you will explore your usual decisions making process in order to assess how you make decisions.
An approach that considers your whole person will be introduced and help you understand why some decision leave you feeling sure of yourself… and others leave you dissatisfied! Learn the basics of solid decision making.
Parenting is an adventure which can be both passionate and complex. The first part of this 6 hr. workshop focuses on identifying the uniqueness in each child and how to best help the child assume and live what is specific in him or her. Living one’s rightful gifts brings happiness and fulfillment.
In the 2nd section, the focus is on learning specific things required of each stage of growth. Parents observe how they educate their children to “live”, “be” and “take their place” in society.