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Build a foundation for a loving and lasting relationship

This workshop is for couples at any stage of their relationship. It helps them gain a more accurate perception of what they experience toward each other. It is highly recommended for couples who are seeking to improve their communication and nurture their bond, as well as for couples who are struggling in their relationship. it is an excellent preparation for persons who are considering life together as a couple.

There are not prerequisites for this workshop.

Length: Regular (30 hours)

Commitment to a growth journey as a couple

this workshop aims at helping participants progress in building their couple in unity. To achieve this, they are invited to explore key poings of life as a couple:

  • the personal growth of each member of the couple,
  • their common course of action and its repercussions on each one’s personal growth and on the life of the couple,
  • the construction of the couple in unity,
  • body, sexuality and life as a couple
  • That which constitutes the foundations of the couple is also explored.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

Length: Regular (30 hours)

Deepen unity and identify obstacles in the relationship

This workshop aims at helping couples deepen their unity through an increased understanding of themselves. Paths to greater unity are explored. Participants are guided to detect the obstacles to unity and they further discover the meaning and direction of their couple.

Prerequisites: Growing as a Couple or Deepening Our Bond as a Couple

Length: Regular (30 hours)

Using PRH Helping Relationship as a couple

The aim of this workshop is to help participants better understand the method of helping relationship in the couple. It helps them discover other ways of helping each other as a couple and gives them an opportunity for an intensive period of mutual help and life together.

Prerequisites: Growing as a Couple or Deepening Our Bond as a Couple.

Length: Regular (30 hours)

Nurturing my Children

This workshop helps parents clarify what they live with their children. It identifies needs of children and enables parents to verify where and how to assist their children to become well-adjusted individuals. This is presented in what pertains to the heart of all education, that is, helping children to become themselves and to take their place in society.

Length: Regular (30 hours)