Personal Accompaniment (also called the PRH Helping Relationship):

The PRH Helping Relationship consists of personal accompaniment centred, first and foremost, on the growth of the human person in order to liberate the dynamism of the being and foster the restoration of order for a more harmonious human functioning.

The PRH Helping Relationship may be short-term.  It then responds to a variety of needs that a person may experience:

  • The need to talk to the need to understand oneself.
  • The need to initiate a decision and the need to verify it.
  • The need for support to weather a difficult situation.
  •  The need to improve the quality of relational life on a personal or professional level.

PRH Helping Relationship can also be long term: It then deals with more in-depth aspects of the personality:

  • The focus on freeing the essential riches within.
  • A healing process supported by the PRH method of analysis to enable a more unified functioning and contribute to the restoration of order in the person.

PRH Helping Relationship calls for the use of PRH analysis, which centres on inner sensations of a psychological nature in order to lead to discoveries about oneself.

PRH Educators are accredited for Helping Relationship according to the vision of the person in the process of growth as elaborated in the book “Persons and Their Growth”.

It is a human professional relationship in which the person is reached in his/her riches of being, and encouraged to actualize him/herself from these riches. This is what is fundamental in PRH Helping Relationships.

The Helping Relationship also calls for the client to be involved in learning and improving his/her method of being helped and to grow in autonomy.